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Modern Mission - Modern Mission 1985


01. The Race

02. Time is Running Out

03. Stick to Your Guns

04. Through the Fire

05. Hide My Heart

06. Never Let Me Go

07. Magazine

08. Time to Fight

09. When Heaven's Calling

10. Believe in You


Iggy - Lead Vocals

Stev Gonzalez -

Johann Sebastian Bach

Dave Newman

Steve Zaccardi "Zac" -

Craig Donofrio - Bass player

Modern English is a great band, one Christian band called Sal Paradise sounds a bit like Robbie Grey’s vocals. The band though has some touch of new wave but would be more classified as Indie.

It’s sad that Modern Mission never got a good exposure after releasing an album under Exile records. I guess they could have impacted at least one soul in this world, just like you after 20 years. : )

Modern Mission was a mid-80′s new wave quarted featuring one member with a real name and three others who remain somewhat anonymous. The album sports hard-hitting music with direct and aggresive Christian lyrics.

Brain Quincy Newcomb of CCM wrote that the band “may only do one thing, but they do it quite well.” Songs like “Stick to Your Guns and “Time to Fight” exemplify Their Mililant take on Theology, The Lead Vocals of “Iggy” carry a new passion and anguish not unlike U2′s Bono or Llyod Boldman of Prodigal,

Musically, this is a keyboard driven 80′s style band, but they sure sound trendy. I think Gordon Driver, their producer, has pointed them in the right directions, Craig Donofrio one of the 2 founders of the band with Dave Newman AKA Bones.


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