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Justus - Don't Turn Away 1984


01. Face The Music

02. Never Let You Down

03. What Are We Doing Here

04. Quarter To Two

05. Just Keep Running

06. Don't Turn Away

07. Won't Let Go

08. Surrender

09. Take Me Home (Original Version)

10. Suicidal Teens


Donny Hackett - Bass, Lead Vocals

Kevin Pahl - Drums, Vocals

Rod Pahl - Guitars, Vocals

I must confess. I don't know a lot about the Band, Justus. They don't have a Wikipedia entry or an official website. They only put out two albums that I know of, and the first one, Don't Turn Away, was Descent but the Second was so much Better.

But their second album was amazing! In fact, the two best songs from their first album found their way onto the second album, re-recorded and remixed, and the difference was like night and day. I can tell you that the band is from Canada and that the bass players has a very strong "U2" sound. There are at least three songs on this album that deserve to be in the "Top 366" Christian songs of all time, but one song at a time,

Give Us a Burden is basically a prayer. It talks about how even Christians tend to ignore the homeless people on the street or the stranger in the back of the church because we are just to busy with other commitments. In the Chorus lead singer Donny Hackett sings:


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