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Walk On Water - Walk On Water 1990


01. To Walk on Water

02. What's the Noise?

03. Call My Name

04. Prayer

05. Yeah Yeah Yeah

06. North Sea Town

07. Time

08. Someone

09. When the Serpent Rules

10. There Is a Morning

11. Bird-Song


Walk on Water was the first release on Frontline Record’s 'Alarma' imprint, a label created to distribute imported albums but was later used for more straight alternative releases. They actually were not Christians when the album began production, but as the recording process continued each band member became Christians and the lyrical content changed drastically for the Swedish based band.

Borrowing liberally from the sounds of Duran Duran, After the Fire and Kaja(googoo), this keyboard driven band was right at the heart of the Euro techno/new wave sound for the time. On the more acoustic rock driven tunes the listener may catch a glimpse of Crowded House and World Party. The lyrics are actually much better than most of the simplistic Christian music that came from Sweden like Jerusalem and Edin Adahl."


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