Roatan Honduras/Islas De La Bahia Honduras

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Arlen Salte - Great Big Noise 1991 / HTF


01. Great Big Noise

02. I Don't Want To Dance

03. She's So Easy To Use

04. Another Heart Breaks

05. Take Me Through The Fire

06. What About You

07. Great Big Noise

08. Dancing While The House Is Burning

09. Second Wind

10. In The Power Of Love

11. Watch What You're Doin'



Arlen Salte

Roy Salmond

Jerry Adolf

Phil Robertson

Dane Deviller

Harris Van Burkel

Keith Scott

Bruce McKenzie

Dave Pickell

Rene Worst

Miles Hill

Bill Runge

Richard Sera

Daryl Bennett

Scotti Hall

Tim Olsen

Nolan Hehr

Spencer Melnyk

Niels Reinholdt

Normay Salte

Dwight Forseth

Arlen Slate

Connie Scott

Hope Sterling

Joani Bye

Cecile Laroch

Roy Salmond

Jackie Welch

Pete Wistoff

Donny Hackett

Warren Halstrom

Faye Mulder

Tim Olsen

Mike Mulder

The Broadmore Baptist Youth Choir

Carson Cole

Marc LaFrance

Richard Sera


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