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911 - Time Will Tell 1986


01. Time Will Tell

02. Do You?

03. Believe

04. Is It Any Wonder?

05. A Memory

06. Where Are You Now?

07. Too Cool

08. Pick Me Up

09. East From West

10. Are you Willing?


Musician Credits:

Cathi Demman - Songwriter, Lead and Background Vocals

Jeff Lams - Arranger, Keyboards, Synthesizers

Mark Wiegand - Vocal Arranger, Songwriter, Keyboards

T-Bone Demman - Engineer, Songwriter, Guitar

Gord Driver - Engineer

Cristina Stretz - Lead And Background Vocals

Kiko Campo - Lead and Background Vocals

Hap Smith - Guitar

John Klingbiel - Bass

Brian Hicks - Keyboards, Synthesizers

Nelson Kole - Keyboards, Synthesizers

Eric Stretz - Songwriter, Drums

911 Was a sibling vocal trio similar to 2nd Chapter Of Acts with a four-person rhythm section. Kiko Campo and his two sisters, Cathi Denman and Kristi Stretz, harmonized on songs that sought to "answer the questions that both Christians and non-Christians struggle with in life." / The group, which included the two sisters' spouses, was based in Las Vegas and often played on the West Coast. Their song "Where Are You Now?" garnered the most radio airplay. / Excellent christian Aor/pomp along the lines of Dox, Wings Of Light, and the secular LRB ("Playing To Win) Vocals are both male and female led, with the male being very like Mark De La Bretonne of Dox fame / This is a very great sounding album and very rare and hard to find rock LP I could only find a 1 cassette listed on amazon for like 32 dollars if you love rock you may want to grab this.


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