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G X Project - Bite Stick 2012


01. Let's Turn It Up

02. Waitin' On J.C.

03. Tricky Little Devil

04. Angry Eyes

05. Love I.V.

06. OMG

07. Get Me Outa This Hell

08. Gotta Get Some Love

09. Long Way Down

10. Bite The Hand That Feeds

11. Soul Stealer

Glenn Thomas - Lead Guitar,Guitar,

Rex Scott - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals

Craig Jeans - Drums

Jonah Lewis - Bass


GX Project is the side project of X-Sinner frontman Rex Scott! Musically it will remind you of bands such as AC/DC or X-Sinner / Veteran front man of X-Sinner Rex Scott and Canadian producer Glenn Thomas join forces to become the GX Project! A new force of rock n roll that showcases all the rock influences.

these guys grew up on and do so well one can only sit back in awe of the force this album delivers. Initial orders are coming in from all over Europe and the U.S. as the tracks get debuted on various radio stations both online and over the airways. The album owned three of the five spots on Dead To Self radio s Top 5 Most Requested Song List for three weeks after receiving Bite Stick as a sneak peek preview.


X-Sinner frontman/guitarist Rex Scott has a new album called the GX Project - Bite Stick. IF you like AC/DC with Tom Kiefer (Cinderella) and Bon Scott (early AC/DC type vocals) with AC/DC styled music then you will like this. Instruments and production was done by Glenn Thomas who will also be producing the next X-Sinner album.

Goin' Out With a Bang. Glenn Thoms is from the same province as me, Newfoundland, Canada. He hails from Sprindale which is towards the west side of the island and I live in Mount Pearl/St. John's which is on the east coast of the island. For those who don't know where Newfoundland is it is on the eastern tip of North America. The Titanic sank 400 miles south east off our coastline. Ice bergs is a common sight in May-June each year.


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