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Coveredscars - What Words Will Do 2011


01. 10,000 Soldiers

02. 33 Years

03. Black Train

04. Breaking Me Down

05. Dying Alone

06. Grown Man Cry

07. Hell Is Empty

08. Skin Crawl

09. What Words Will Do

Esta banda sino fuera christiana, realmente hoy dia estubiera haciendo dineral, y fuese popular, bastante talentosos, que simplemente prefieren tirar la gloria alos pies de jesus, sin importarle la popularidad entre los medios masivos de hoy, que solo nos venden basura comprada..realmente COVERSCARS es de mis bandas preferidas, sus voces grutales, su voces limpias, sus puntiados y riffs de guitarras nos dan un gran conjuto de sonidos variante llenos de profecionalismo... 

For 13 years, hard rock group CoveredScars (formerly Covered In Scars) have been creating music that they hope will glorify the name of Jesus and help people find their way. Their latest album is called What Words Will Do.

CoveredScars lists bands like Alice In Chains, Metallica and Static X (among a few others) as musical influences, and when you listen to What Words Will Do, you'll know it even without reading their bio. / Eaves' vocals go back and forth between melodic and screaming, When he's singing, it sounds like an exaggerated take on Alice In Chains'

Layne Staley (of course, this also means that Eaves sounds quite a bit like Creed's Scott Stapp). Eaves' screaming, on the other hand, sounds pretty good (when he's doing the high pitched screaming, that is). His screams remind me of Wayne Static from Static X, and they work great for the music.

when CoveredScars is doing heavier stuff. The problem with their music is that they can't seem to decide what they want to do with it. Songs like "Skin Crawl" keep it on the heavy side, with some guitar chugging, double bass, growling screams and some Coal Chamber influence, while the opening track, "What Words Will Do," is the aforementioned Alice In Chains style early grunge music. "Breaking Me Down"

is a good example of the change up in music that's contained within just one song. In this song, harsh screams come about as frequently as the dry, droning rock vocals, and the music ranges from hard rock to Powerman 5000-style nu metal. While CoveredScars sounds pretty good, albeit dated, doing the nu metal and hardcore thing, it sounds a little strange to mix it with grungy alternative and rock music.

The band's message is noble and strong. They're very hopeful, with a strong emphasis on love and its power to break the chains of struggle and sin. "33 Years" proclaims the Gospel in saying, "Through the sweat and tears, without firing a weapon.

He conquered! Through the blood and thorns, without firing a weapon, He conquered the world!" But unfortunately, even with such a good message, the lyrics can sometimes be cheesy, like "I packed my bags for a one-way ticket to Holy-wood. / " CoveredScars' latest album may appeal to either fans of aforementioned nu metal acts, like Powerman 5000, Static X or Rob Zombie, or it could appeal to fans of Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains. Fans of the modern day hardcore/metal music won't be able to digest it, however.

Covered Scars is a Christian hard core metal band formed in 1999 by Jason Eaves and Adam Bennett with influences like "Pantera, Disciple, Static X, System of the Down, Coal Chamber, Demon Hunter, Metallica, Alice In Chains, Rob Zombie and Disturbed"! In 2000 we recorded our first demo CD "Understand".

In 2006 after re-dedicating our lives and running an add on craigslist, by the grace of God, the line up was complete by adding Jackie Cox on drums and Russ "Mojo" Wise on bass! We call our music "Life Metal". A mix of melodic singing, powerful riffs.

deep kicking bass, aggressive vocals and a message to remember! In 2011 C.I.S release their first Christian metal CD "What Words Will Do" with very positive reviews as well as helping fans and friends deal with struggles ongoing in their lives.

Our goal is to do God's will, bring a positive message and let those who have been "scarred" whether it be mentally, physically or spiritually they too can over come their struggles and know that if we can change then they can change also for we are all "Covered Scars"!


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