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Rob Frazier - Cut It Away 1984


01. Cut It Away

02. Come On Elaine

03. He Is All You Need

04. Stolen Love

05. You Know What’s Right

06. Tonight

07. Weight Of The World

08. Train Up A Child

09. 666

This is a great listen although unfortunately only available on vinyl. Eone Entertainment bought Light's master's of this project so you should contact the liscensing department in Nashville to let your voice be heard that you as a consumer would like this title issued on CD.

His last solo project was released in 1997, entitled The Things I Say. Working with legendary producer Dave Perkins (Newsboys, Steve Taylor, Randy Stonehill, Chagall Guevera) was a stimulating experience and resulted in a deeply personal album with a harder edge than his earlier releases and secured a 1998 Indie Award. Best known songs are the title track as well as "Watching Over Me" and "Everything is New Under the Son."

"Forgiven," "We Are One," "A Place Called Heaven" and "Hole in My Heart," the first four singles from The Long Run, Frazier's previous effort, all reached the CCM Top 10. Before that he released Retrospect, a "Best of... Volume 1" project plus three new songs, which yielded two top 10 songs, "Love is Sacrifice" and "Why Why Why," a duet with Steve Camp. "Got Your Word on It" and "The Heartland" from the 1990 album of the same name both occupied top spots on the national survey for several weeks.

Meanwhile, Rob began receiving heavy mainstream airplay in South Africa, beginning with the song "Go Through Fire," which led to two sold out tours there in the 1990s. He says it was interesting to see his name on the radio charts above the Rolling Stones and Sara McLaughlan, among others! He also undertook several tours of Australia where he recorded the surprise blues band project with two popular Australian Christian artists called The Blues Farmers.

Previous well-known songs include the standards "(Doesn't Anybody Pray in) This Town Anymore" and "Break My Heart" from 1987's This Town. In 1984 he released his solo debut, Cut It Away, including the hits "Come On Elaine," "Train Up a Child" and the classic "He is All You Need" recorded by Steve Camp and other artists.

Frazier enjoyed a close relationship with Camp for nearly two decades, co-writing many of the songs on his last 11 albums as well as songs for other artists including Margaret Becker, Rick Cua, John Fischer, the classic-rock band KANSAS, Kenny Marks, Geoff Moore and the Distance, Ricky Scaggs and others. His song writing skills have been widely recognized,

Rob Frazier was a member of Petra in 1979, he played keyboards and shared lead vocals with Greg X.Volz on the album "Washes whiter than". Rob also co-wrote many songs for artists like Steve Camp, Rick Cua, Geoff Moore as well as Kansas hit "Play the game tonight" together with Livgren and Co. / His solo debut "Cut it away" came out in 1984 and his latest album with the Blues farmers in 1999, but the album that caught my attention was "This town" from 1986 .

This westcoast adventure took me for a ride with John Cafferty sounding AOR and David Foster-like ballads, the production may sound dated today but the songs gets me in a nostalgic mood. / Especially the great ballad "Break my heart" that deserves an award of any kind, another Great song on this album is "Army of love" that could´ve been a Petra song.

including numerous Top 10 Songwriter of the Year citations by the Gospel Music Association as well as two Dove Award nominations for "Song of the Year." He was also a member of the group PETRA for several years appearing on the albums Washes Whiter Than, War and Remembrance and PETRA - The Early Years. Prior to that he led a band in intensive evangelistic youth work throughout England and other European countries.


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