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Various Artists - Rock Power Praise - Vol 2 ... Christmas Hymns 1992


01. Olivia McClurkin - Oh Happy Day

02. Olivia McClurkin - Going Up Yonder

03. Howard McCreary - Joy Joy

04. James Salters - Soon and Very Soon

05. Howard McCreary - Amen

06. James Salters - Can't Nobody

07. Kelli Reisen - Blessed Assurance

08. Sara Tennison - Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

09. Voncielle Faggett - I'll Take You There

10. Sara TennisonI Surrender All

This is the third Rock Power Praise collection, and features gospel hymns. These are purported to be done rock-style, but there's way too much gospel and not enough rock to make this worthwhile. Most of this is piano- and choir-driven. This one isn't up to the level of the previous Rock Power Praise collections.

It's an album that made Christmas a real Christmas. We used to cover the songs in different Christmas Youth Programs, we (bands) used to get along very well in practicing & performing as well. It's really inspiring and still on top after all these years.

A considerably more unusual rendition of traditional carols came courtesy of Rock Power Praise. The album Vol 2: Christmas Hymns (Pakaderm 7012508264) featured jarring heavy rock renditions of songs like "Joy To The World", "Little Drummer Boy" and "Silent Night". In much the same iconaclostic spirit of that old rock Christmas favourite Broken Christmas, this was definitely a favourite with the CR head bangers.

Rock Power Praise series which took old church hymns and glammed 'em up a bit for us young whipper-snappers. This disc isn't quite as heavy as the We Wish You a Metal X-Mass... album but it's still a great holiday listen. Jamie Rowe (Guardian) and Robin Kyle (Die Happy, Red Sea) put in some stellar vocal performances on their respective songs.

Sara Tennison provides some powerhouse female vocals but I'm not sure if she was from a band or not. Since this record was released on Pakaderm it's got that super clean Elephante sheen, production wise. I confess that I totally downloaded this one and probably will never buy a CD copy of it (I owned the tape for the longest time). Why? Because last time I checked Amazon it was $90!

A must have secret mastedon cd!The classic Christ centered christmas songs done by the same basic group that does/is mastedon ie; john and dino elephante. / tony palacios,j.r.mcneely and so on with various singers like the powerful robin 'kyle' bassari from die happy. Vary rare so get it if like the sound.Very heartfelt at times and very powerfull on others.Sublime production,symphonic melodic hard rock at its VERY BEST!!! One of my favorite cds!!!!!


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