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Various Artists - Rock Power Praise Vol. 1 The Hymns 1991


01. Joy To The World

02. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

03. What Child Is This

04. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

05. Little Drummer Boy

06. O Come All Ye Faithful

07. Silent Night

08. For Unto Us A Child Is Born

09. O Holy Night

10. O Come, O Come Emmanuel

This is a collection of Christmas Hymns recorded in a late 80s/early 90s rock style by a host of noteworthies from the Christian music world, including the Elefantes and Guardian's Jamie Rowe.

Translating songs from other genres into rock doesn't always work, but here, it couldn't have been better in most cases. Many songs sound spectacular (Silent Night, so slow as to not be worth bothering with from a rock standpoint, notwithstanding).

A must have secret mastedon cd!The classic Christ centered christmas songs done by the same basic group that does/is mastedon ie; john and dino elephante,tony palacios,j.r.mcneely and so on with various singers like the powerful robin 'kyle' bassari from die happy. Vary rare so get it if like the sound.Very heartfelt at times and very powerfull on others.Sublime production,symphonic melodic hard rock at its VERY BEST!!! One of my favorite cds!!!!!

Although these are Christmas songs they are hard rockin'. this is a must own cd for any Mastedon fan! Produced By John and Dino Elefante With many great musicians that have worked with Mastedon in the past like J.R. McNeeley, Glen Pearce, Danny Woods, John Andrew Schreiner and some guitar players in disguise due to label issues.

Also many great vocalist's Like Gurdian's Jamie Rowe, Halo's Scott Springer, John Elefante and more. This is not your traditional Christmas music, This is just like any Mastedon Release With stunning new arragements of these songs. The music is amazing and rocks hard, plus some sick guitar playing throughout. This cd is harder to find than "It's a jungle out there" Or "Lofcaudio".


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