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Various Artists - Metal Praise 1992


01. Spirit Song

02. Rock of Ages

03. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

04. What a Friend We Have In Jesus

05. Holy, Holy, Holy

06. I Love You Lord

07. Jehovah Jireh

08. He's the Lord

09. Life Begun

10. We Exalt Thee

I'd previously felt that traditional praise and worship lyrics blend with metal about as well as a pool of highly refined oil fits on the surface of the deep blue sea. The way I saw it praise and worship, was the pure,

Delicate product of tried and trusted writers loved by congrega­tions everywhere. While metal was loud, louder, LOUDEST creations let the ever growing band of Christian moshers'. On listening to this, conceived by veteran metal produce Caesar, my preconceived ideas on the subject were quickly eroded.

Here I found a collection of tracks performed by some of the luminaries of white metal including most of Sacred Warrior and Glen Kaiser from Rez and they weld these seeming irreconcilable styles together so expertly that you can hardly tell the join. The vocals on most of the tracks are pure, gritty rock,

the guitar work inspiring and the production imaginative enough to use the dynamics of the metal music in such a way as to com­plement rather than overwhelm the richness of the more traditional lyrics. Most notable are the Les Carl­son interpretations of "Holy, Holy" and "We Exalt Thee" (the latter along with Glen Kaiser) and Whitecross' Rex Scott's "Rock of Ages".

Also worth mentioning is Ray Parra's masterly vocal contribution on "O Come, O Come Emmanuel". The arrangements on one or two other tracks do seem to fall a little short of the high quality of the rest. If you like to make your praise offer­ing on a metal altar, then this album can be recom­mended!!

The great musicians involved in this awesome 1992 Metal Praise and Worship album; this is just to confirm the quality of the recording on a great remastered CD; if you are into Heavenly Metal, this is a must-have album by all means. Don't let it pass you by!!!!!!

Metal Praise- What happens when the best rockers of the 80's get together to worship the best way they know how? In metal form! Rex Scott singer from X-SINNER & ZION, Rex Carroll legendary guitarist from WHITECROSS, Glenn Kaiser from REZ,

Bill Heller From FIGHTER, Jeff Sheetz and Jim Laverde from BARREN CROSS! Wow what a line up huh? Thsi si not a mix cd of Groups this is all those guys playing on different metal worship songs. Great for any fan of the groups they are from or of metal! Great masterpiece!!!!!


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