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Various Artists - Underground metal 1988


01. Bjorn Stigsson – Come On

02. Armada – But It’s Only Rock And Roll

03. Chosen Stranger – So Glad

04. Paradox - Meet The King

05. Torn Flesh - No Surfin’ In Hell

06. Watchmen - Fear No Evil

07. Chariot - Step Into Light

08. Paragon - Why Are There So Many Sinners

09. Mercy Rule - Cities Are Burning


Back in the late 80's I was a new convert, and a friends at church mentioned this albums. I got the cassette from the local Christian bookstore, and when I play it, I felt like I found the perfect music. It's heavier than the 1st Underground Metal Comp. Way back when as a newly converted headbanger, I took this home from the Christian bookstore and loved it from start to end.

From the melodic metal of Zion, Xalt,Knightriot, to the organ laden retro 70's throwback Phil Accardi's Chalice, the doomy Iron Wrath, and the hard thrashing Thresher, Final Warning, and Remnant. Also this was long before the internet was even a forethought. Back then, these compilations of unsigned/unknown bands was a good & cheap way to get an ear on what Bands were really happening. Eventually I want to transfer my cassette to digital, when I play it for one last time. Some of these Bands independent albums & demos are still on my want list, because I'm a collector. This is a great piece of righteous metal history.


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