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Various - Heavy Righteous Metal Chapter II 1989


01. Xalt - Piercing The Darkness

02. The Crucified - Hellcorn

03. Torn Flesh - Torn Flesh

04. Lust Control - Madolyn Murray O'Hair

05. Legacy - Cross The Line

06. Whitecross - Your Attention Please

07. Tempest - Rock For The Light

08. Rosanna's Raiders - I'm Ready

09. One Bad Pig - Looney Tune

10. Bride - Until The End We Rock

Collecting Christian metal albums have been a favorite endevour of mine for a long time. And after I got the internet, and discovered all the compilation albums that I missed during the heyday of the movement, it became almost an obsession at times to track down as many of them as possible.

Now, many of the earliest Christian metal compilations are essential, as they include material that is still unreleased other places, either by bands that never made it any further than the demo stages, or be it demo tracks from more known bands, that never made it to any full-length albums. But as the movement grew bigger, these compilation CD's became more and more a way for record companies to plug their bands.

'Heavy Righteous Metal II' is more or less such a promotion tool. Not only did Pure Metal Records steal the title from K-Tel, and their 'Righteous Metal'-series, but they have only included 1 song, as far as I know, that never have seen the light of day on any subsequent record. Thus this track, From the band Legacy, is reason enough to own this disc. I must say though, that it is a cool look into many of the bands that was singed to the label at the time.


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