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Various Artists - Hot Metal Summer III - Hot Licks/Cold Facts 1990


01. You Get What You Pray For - Tourniquet

02. Ark of Suffering - Tourniquet

03. Weapons of Our Warfare - Deliverance

04. This Present Darkness - Deliverance

05. Master's Command - Sacred Warrior

06. Bound By Chains - Sacred Warrior

07. Warfare - Vengeance Rising

08. Into the Abyss - Vengeance Rising

09. Take Us Away - Recon

10. Behind Enemy Lines - Recon

11. Demon On The Run

12. Killing The Beast

13. Battle Of The Flesh

14. Black Snake

15. Kill The Sarx - scaterd-few

16. Glass God (No Freedom In Basing) - scaterd-few

17. sneak preview - Time and Time Again - Angelica

18. sneak preview - Sticks And Stones - Ransom

19. sneak preview - Blue Ice - Zaffiro

20. Intense Conversation

Compilation albums were a huge part of the Christian metal movement back during the late 80's/early 90's. And the 'Hot Metal' series was a popular one. Here we have the 3rd installment in the series. It contains songs from some of the best bands on the Intense roster. And what a compilation it is! Heavily laden on the thrash metal side of things,

it offers some of the better songs from acts like Deliverance, Vengeance Rising and Tourniquet. Choice cuts from Sacred Warrior, Recon and a live medley from Bloodgood is something to salivate offer also. I was never a fan of the trashy post-punk of scaterd-few though. So the skip button is a must for me there.

Then we are offered sneak previews from albums and bands that had not yet released their debut albums. The album ends with a conversation track. These are small interview snippets with most of the bands on the compilation. The interviews were conducted by Vengeance Rising's Roger Martinez.


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