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Various Artists - Songs For A Small Circle Of Friends 1991


01.Julie Miller

02.The Throes

03.Eden Burning

04.Margaret Becker

05.Petra, Timothy Boyd

06.Hans Inge Fagervik

07.Steven Curtis Chapman


09.John Dickson & Benjamin Sham

10.Sam Hill

11.Susan Ashton

12.The 77's

13.Charlie Peacock



01 Julie Miller - Looking For A Friend

02 Larry Norman - Song For A Small Circle Of Friends

03 The Throes - All The Flowers Growing In Your Mother's Eyes

04 Eden Burning - Much More Than Near

05 Margaret Becker - Look Me In The Eye

06 Petra - Who Do You Listen To?

07 Timothy Boyd - The Future Is Calling

08 Hans Inge Fagervik - Still Alive

09 Steven Curtis Chapman - You Know Better

10 Iona - Love At A Distance

11 John Dickson and Benjamin Sham - Steam Boat

12 Sam Hill - Rescue Me

13 Susan Ashton - Benediction

14 Seventy Sevens - Jesus

15 Charlie Peacock - The Way of Love

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