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Various Artists - Metal Mission The Sampler 1989


01. X Sinner - Medicine

02. Sacred Warrior - Beyond the mountain

03. Holy Soldier - See no evil

04. Mastedon - Its a jungle out there

05. Rage Of Angels - Do you still believe in love

06. Believer - Vile hypocrisy

07. Levicticus - Born again

08. The Lead - Suicide is a lie

09. Angelica - Take me

10. Mercy Rule - If only you knew

11. Deliverance - No love

12. Vengeance Rising - Warfar

This might be the first CD I ever owned! Back in 1990 I remember going into a Christian bookstore, and ordered 10 metal LP's. And when I went back to pick them up (back then Christian metal was pretty much a special order in Norway),

This sampler CD was given me for free together with my purchase. I'm not even sure I owned a CD player yet! Of course when I did get to hear it, I was already a fan of most of the bands represented here. And those I was unfamiliar with, I went right out and tracked down their albums.

Now the CD, besides having a sentimental value for me, function great as something to put on to "rediscover" some great Christian metal bands. The scene really had many great bands back then, and this compilation proves it. From the clean and AOR sounding bands like Angelica and Mastedon, the heavy metal of Holy Soldier and Leviticus, to the thrashing metal from Vengeance Rising and Believer, it isn't hard to spot the quality in it all.


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