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Various Artists - East Coast Metal 1988


01. Apostle - The Sword

02. Rage Of Angels - Reason To Rock

03. Arsenal - Message Of Love

04. The Lead - Tunnel Vision

05. Taker - Yesterday, Today & Forever

06. Second Chance - (Liberation From) The Blazing Wasteland

07. Arsenal - Stand Strong

08. Believer - The Chosen

09. Taker - Living By Faith

The Rage Of Angels track is a demo version, which was later re-recorded for their first album on Regency in 1989. Arsenal also recorded an album on Regency, but neither of these tracks were on it. / Arsenal has a demo tape, and that's probably where these are from. Taker never got signed, so these are probably from demo releases too. Second Chance changed their name to Armageddon and released a single album on Talkingtown, which included this song.


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