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Various Artists - White Metal Warriors - Last Ship Home Compilation 1991


01. Seventh Angel - Heed the Warning

02. Stairway - Anyboby There

03. Lazarus - Do or Die

04. Detritus - Subliminal Division

05. Maverick - Sweet Release

06. Seventh Angel - Seven Angels

07. Stairway - Walk Away

08. Lazarus - Overpower

09. Detritus - Taste the Blood

10. Maverick - You'll Shine

Compilation of several British christian metal bands. The only bands on this CD to make a name for themselves were Seventh Angel and Detritus. Maverick and Lazarus falled into obscurity, and only recently have Stairway begun to achieve notoriety due to exposure on the Internet. The 2 Seventh Angel tracks were from their "Heed the Warning" demo tape. The 2 Detritus tracks are from their Edge Records debut, "Perpetual Defiance". Cover art by Rodney Matthews.


'White Metal Warriors' is a compilation showcasing the British Christian metal scene of the late early 90's. I think most of these bands were still on the demo stage when this compilation was released, and some of them didn't even resurface after appearing on this CD.

The styles represented vary from the straight heavy metal of Maverick and Stairway, through the power metal, borderline speed metal of Lazarus, to the thrash metal of Seventh Angel and Detritus. It's the latter two I hold as my favorites here. The Seventh Angel tracks are from the 'Heed The Warning' demo, released in 1990. And this compilation was the only place to hear these songs on CD,

prior to the 2005 re-release of the demo on Bombworks Records. I'm not sure about the Stairway songs, if they are demo cuts or not, but both are listed on the reissue of the band debut, 'No Rest, No Mercy'. Both Detritus songs appear on their debut, but the Lazarus and Maverick tracks I've not been able to find any additional info on. They are most likely just demo tracks too. The cover art, as usual I should say with these British metal acts, was done by Rodney Matthews.


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