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Various - Metal Ultimate I 1989


01. It's a Jungle Out There - Mastedon

02. Faith, Hope, and Love - Shout

03. Blinded - Messiah Prophet

04. Sword of Victory - Sacred Warrior

05. Heartbreaker - Neon Cross

06. You Live Fast - Scarlet Red

07. Living in a Lost World - Whitecross

08. All Fired Up - Petra

09. Burn - Vengeance

10. Do You Still Believe in Love - Rage of Angels

11. Shadows - Rez

12. Let's Be Frank - One Bad Pig

214 Records was a short lived company that specialized in releasing Christian rock and metal compilation albums. The 'Ultimate...' series was originally released on the Star Song label. And it gets a little confusing when they released 'Ultimate Metal' in 1989, with the exact same cover as pictures above on the left, but with a completely different track list. Then a year later, they released their 'Ultimate Metal 2' compilation, with a slightly altered cover (pictured above right)

but now with the same track list as on this CD. So 214's 'Ultimate Metal' compilation is actually a re-issue of Star Songs 'Ultimate Metal 2' release, using the same cover as Star Song's 'Ultimate Metal' release! Anyway, this is yet another good compilation of Christian metal. There are no exclusive tracks here, or anything you can't get elsewhere. But it is a fine overview of the scene that was actually quite huge back then.

I'm not sure Undercover should be on a metal compilation. But that is just one song out of 11. Here you get melodic metal from Guardian, David Zaffiro and Xalt, straight heavy metal from Zion, Barren Cross and Bloodgood, speed metal from Deliverance, instrumental shredding from Jeff Scheetz, and hard rock from Jerusalem. The entry from the latter band is misspelled on the back of the CD.


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