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Various - An Intense History of Christian Metal 1992


01. You Get What You Pray For - Tourniquet

02. Weapons Of Our Warfare - Deliverance

03. Mulligan's Stew - Vengeance Rising

04. Dome Of The Rock - Magdallan

05. Obsessions - Sacred Warrior

06. Cover Me - Angelica

07. Exit (Euthanasia) - Ransom

08. Journey Of Reconciliation - Mortification

09. Victory - Deliverance

10. If Ever Maria - Mortal

11. Black Harvest - Randy Rose

12. Battle Of The Flesh - Bloodgood

13. Psycho Surgery - Tourniquet

14. Give Me An Answer - Shout

15.  Before The Time - Vengeance Rising

16. Angry Candy - Lanny Cordola

With it's informative liner notes, telling the stories behind each band on the CD, this compilation is yet another fine absorption into the Christian Metal history. We only get to know bands on the Intense/Frontline roster, of course. But it's still 16 tracks of the finest sort we get treated to. The scene was virtually crowded with class acts back then.

I mean, just take a look at the track list! Those were the good times. The booklet also states that the tracks have been digitally remastered. But I can't hear any difference in the sound on this album, from the original CD's.

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