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Leaderdogs For The Blind - Lemonade 1995


01. Yellow & Black Attack

02. Ripple

03. Better Ways

04. Fighting Gravity

05. Lemonade

06. Radiant Abyss

07. Supersaturated

08. Martin's Dream

09. The Weather

10. Sprout


Lyndon Perry - Vocals/Guitars

Derek Cilibraise - Vocals

Grant Mohrman - Guitars/Programming

Andre Barancik - Bass


Additional Musicians

Andrew Barancik – bass

Derek Cilibraise – lead vocals

Dwight Mohrman – backup vocals & narration

Grant Mohrman – guitar, background vocals (track 1)

Sprout Perry – percussion (track 10)

Mike Tuller – additional programming

This is One of the best metal I have heard in a long time. Can you call this indutrial? I really dont know what to call it except for one of the best metal albums ever made! If I could only convince every metal-head whether of the 80's 90's or now to get this Cd.

I believe there wouldn't be anyone out there to disagree that this album was and is one of the best and in a class all its own! The intense words from the writer's imagery filled thoughts; making you think on them and bringing enlightenment to you the more you listen.

Most metal albums I listen to I eventually have to put on the shelf for a while or I just plain get sick of them. Not this CD! If you can wear out a cd I have done it with Leaderdogs! The music is an explosion of power chords, intense riffs, and just great head banging madness! Last of all the!

Just to give you an idea of the creativity of this album the last song (a ballad) "sprout" has the singers son's heart beat from his ultra sound playing as the bass line! This is a shame that this is the only album by these guys made.

They were truly ahead of their time! I suppose the best way to explain this band or album is to take an old F album ( or equivalent "Galactic cowboys-self titled", "Mortification-self titled") and mix it with Circle of Dust (or equivalent "Klank", "Tool"). Buy this CD if you like any Metal at all! If for some strange reason you dont like it ... give it to someone who enjoys true classic head banging metal!

R.E.X. Records 1995 This Michigan-based Christian band was formerly known as Leaderdogs For The Blind and released their only album to date called Lemonade in 1995 on R.E.X. Records. The album combined Soundgarden styled grunge with some sampling and industrial effects.

The band disappeared soon after the album's release and was not heard from for several years. In 2002 Lyndon Perry, now based in Illinois found new members and shortened the name to just Leaderdogs. There's been no word on when or if any new material will be released. Current Members: Lyndon Perry - vocals/guitars Mike Layne - guitars/backing vocals Jason Williams - bass backing vocals Shannon Woulfe - drums/backing vocals Members who recorded.


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