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Ezra - The Key 1991


01. Key To Heaven

02. Frontline

03. Listen to Your Heart

04. Shadow of The Son

05. Carry Me Home

06. The Return

07. Here For You

08. That's Right

09. Take Me



Howard Andersen – Guitars, Vocals

Jeff Chubb – Drums

Greg Lambas – Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Thomas Potter – Lead Vocals, Keyboards

Additional Musicians

Andy Allen - Backing Vocals

Terry McNab - Drums

Spectacular Ultra-Rare AOR With it's own individual voice. You get a little of everything on this album, fun mid-paced rock'n rollers like Frontline, dramatic slower, heavy pieces like Key to Heaven, darker keyboard drenched anthems like the worshipful, apocalyptic The Return, and even an all acoustic song in the form of Carry Me Home.

There is little to no filler on this album, and spectacular bellowed power vocals in the vein of, well, any of Black Sabbath's various vocalists. If you're into M / CCM Hard Rock with and edgy feel,hoarse kinda voice...a decent album.

nothing more..."Frontline","Listen To Your Heart","The Return" & "Here For You"(Nice Ballad)are the best tracks IMO, AOR/OR/Melodic Hardrock..If you like the most Melodic songs by DIO this could be the one for you..Rock on guys, Some killer music on this disc. The singer is a little tough to listen to. If Tony Martin was the singer this would be amazing./ el nombre de Ezra singifca en Hembreo Fuerza 0 Ayuda.


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