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Shinning Force - Shinning Force 2003


01. The Old Serpent Whispers

02. God Is Calling

03. Bow Down

04. Sign Of The Times

05. The One I Love

06. Come Quickly

07. Shining Force

08. Holy Nation

09. A La Chamba (In Memory Of Jesse Flores) - instrumental.

10. Apocalypse

11. Holy Of Holies (Take Me In)

12. The Blood

13. Exodus

14. The Holy One

15. All To You



Billy Vaughn - Rhythm Guitars

Randy Dickey - Lead and Backing Vocals

Richard Navarro - Lead and Acoustic Guitars

Adrian Flores - Bass Guitars

Ralph Mendez - Percussion and Keyboards


Christian Metal Band with a positive message. Don't be fooled, we don't play just rock - n - roll, more like in your face metal. The band started in 1996 and has been going till now. We have had diffrent musicians, but 2 members hold it together and continue the vision.

Billy Vaughn Guitarist and Founder, Randy Dickey Vocalist. The band has ministered in many places and has seen Hundreds of souls won the the Kingdom of God. We have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many awesome bands such as Deliverance, Blissed, Heartken, Mind Body Soul, House Of Lords, and many more. We have been featured in many ezines and Magazines around the world. Our goal is to win the lost and spread the word That Jesus is Lord. He heals today, and is the answer to all your problems.


Shining Force is a new band from Houston, Texas. They play classic heavy metal, with melody and hints of prog-metal. This debut album, simply entitled 'Shining Force', includes no less then 15 heavy metal tracks. And I like what they have to offer. The band aims to spread the Good Word through a metal ministry, and there is a lack of good classic metal bands in the Christian circuits these days, so Shining Force might be a band to change that.

But whereas I like the music, and find most of the songs enjoyable, there is a downside to this release. It's the production. It sounds more like a demo, than an actual album. In 2003 there really shouldn't be a problem to get a decent sound, even on a debut. On the upper side though, this band has a strong singer, great lyrics and the music just spells m-e-t-a-l! I also really love the worship-like ballads that are present throughout the CD. If they had removed 3 or 4 songs,


they would have created an even tighter record. And the artwork on the cover is not good. But if you are a fan of bands like Sacred Warrior, Barren Cross, Saint and Haven, Shining Force should be right up your alley, Killer tracks: Bow Down, The One I Love, Come Quickly, Shining Force, Holy Nation, Holy Of Holies.

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