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Believer - I'm Free 1987 / 1988



02.High On Your Love

03.His Love For You

04.I'm Free

05.Jesus Saves

06.Lost And Found

07.Make Your Mind Up

08.White Train

Not to be confused with the popular Believer, this group is from California.

Darren Savage - Throat & Guitars

Warren Points - B/U Vocals & Bass

Larry Lee Dunbar - Drums

A Short Comment For One of The Brother's Band

The Drummer "Larry Lee Dunbar" is my Brother.I grew up listening to these guys and going to the gigs all the time.Back then they were part of a fast Rising Christian Rock Scene.With bands like "STRYPER" leading the way.. alot of bands were starting to form and Started creating their own scene as they go.

It was really cool to be apart of that and see musical History being created and watch the Scene grow as fast as it did.The Drummer Larry Lee Dunbar's Style of drums has alot of Influences from John Bonham of (Led Zeppelin) but with the Intensity of Tommy Lee of (Motley Crue)and he's alot better now than he was in 1987 with (Believer)he has been in lots of other Christian Rock bands also such at (LedFoot)but for me Personally this Beleiver Cassette has alotta Historical Value.


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