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Zion Reign - Walk On Water 2006


01. Time to be Free

02. Walk on Water

03. The Balance

04. Surrender

05. Imanuel


Dave Hershey - Guitar / Keyboards

Trent White - Vocals

Ben Pattison - Bass Guitar

Mike Hissam - Drums

Melodic Heavy Metal/Christianity

Zion Reign was officially formed in May 2005 by Dave Hershey and Trent White. The original line up consisted of Dave, Trent, Bull, and Scottie D(the Rev / Due to scheduling conflicts and personel issues Zion Reign had not launched like Dave and Trent had hoped.

It just wasn't God's will at this time. As time passed Dave and Trent didn't give up and by God's grace and design Zion Reign resurfaced again in late 2006. The band was ready to Rock for the Rock with it's new and official line up. Trent White on lead vocals (the voice of Zion Reign), Dave Hershey on lead guitar, vocals, and keyboards,

Dan Hentch on bass, and newly aquired Steve Milam on drums. This group of guys, loves the Lord and loves to rock, as demonstrated by their 80's style big commercial rock sound. Dave and Trent have been in many groups together over the years such as Virgin Lace, and Theater of Pain (a Motley Crue tribute band). Dave has also been in Strutter (a Kiss tribute band), and the Godz. Dan comes from the rock bands Cold Gin,

Psycho Circus, and Steve most recently the Power drummer for the christian metal band RedSevn. The guys have done alot of things and have been involved in many projects, but with Gods direction have decided to use the talents he has given them, to honor and glorify him and him only. Thank you Jesus! Zion Reign does the Lord's work in many other ways other than just with their music.

Dave is involved with music at his church, and does a number of jail house ministry programs when he can. Bible studies, prayer meetings, and praise and worship, just to name a few. All of Trent's family is heavily involved in the Lord's work as well. His brother Rev. Brett White is the youth pastor at Akron Bible Church, and his sister Jodi Matthews founded "Urban Vision", an inner city mission.

These are great people doing a great many things for the Lord. Reaching out to people of all ages in the same way Zion Reign reaches out with their music. Being a good witness and saving souls is what we're called to do, and Zion Reign and family does exactly this. Zion Reign glorifies God with their music and lyrics first and foremost.

They provide people with the simple plan of salvation, and assure them there is hope, security,and peace in Jesus Christ our Lord. "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved." Thats what it's all about, and that's the good news Zion Reign spreads with their music and testimony. Bottom line, Zion Reign love's the Lord and love's to rock. They are living proof that you can serve and praise God and still be cool and have a great time. If you get a chance check Zion Reign out, but more importantly check God out.Tommorow may be too late / 

Scotti D "The REV" / Lead Guitar / Keyboards.

Zion Reign" is a melodic christian metal Band in the roots of Stryper and Holy Soldier, with a purpose of spreading the word of GOD and the gospel of JESUS Christ.. The bands home is at the Akron Bible Church and Hope Cafe' in Akron , Ohio.. The "fish" are out there...Lets catch'em

i want to be cleared on this, all my music, its not for sale, neither this, this web site, its no more a webiste for selling music, i got many, i could sell, i must see if i got it on store,  and this mp3 music i never had it, i just tried to buy from someone else, who finally talked me, this music got bad quality, and the sound is not good, so better not to sell it..


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