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Brother Brother - Young Warriors 1993


01. I Will Not Bow Down

02. No Need For Suicide

03. Restless Heart

04. Young Warriors

05. He Will Carry You

06. Send Down the Fire

07. Lead Me To the Rock

08. Heart of Hearts

09. Somebody Prayed

10. What Kind of Love is This


Brother Brother is:

Carl Kelly – keyboards and programming, background vocals

Bud Plake – guitars and lead vocals, background vocals

Additional Musicians

Dennon Dearman – bass guitar

Crystal Huff – background vocals

David Huff – background vocals

Lance Huff – drums

Rayborn Huff – background vocals

Larry Rust – additional programming

Christian,Rock,Pop/AOR/ Christian Rock/ Brother Brother are more pleasantly AOR - Melodic Rock with good Voice and great Production. A very recommended Album in the Style of Ron Collins, Chase or The Kry. Aor Songs with enough Power and good Ballads wait for you.

Obviously all these CCM Bands have beautiful lyrics about God and this act does it right...touchy and emotive...a very nice album with good tracks(but not killers)..."No Need For Suicide","Restless Heart"/"Send Down The Fire"/"Lead Me To The Rock" & "Heart Of Hearts" are the Highlights 4 Me.

Fantastic Christian themed Melodic Rock CD. The message is uplifting, but by no means "thumps" you on the head. The Vocals are Melodic, clear and crisp w.o. a hint of strain, the guitar hooks are infectious, esp. in tracks #1, 2, 4, 6 & 7, while "Restless Heart" is a soul-stirring ballad. If you're a fan of bands/artists like Sure Conviction,

The Brave, Arrival, Bjorn Stigsson, Lance Powers, Connie Scott ("Hold On" era) and/or Fighter, then picking up this album should be considered a necessity filed just below food, water and shelter. Their next, and last, album titled "Fly Away" slows down the pace but is much the same style with top notch musicianship and songwriting. Both releases are "must owns" IMHO for enthusiasts of this style of music.


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