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September - September First 1981


01. Prelude-Jester

02. Relate It To Me

03. Why Did I Wait

04. Can't Be Right

05. I Owe You Everything

06. Sorry

07. Empty Love

08. Island Song

09. Hallelujah


Dale Kirkland - Lead vocals, Percussion

Russ Kirkland - Lead vocals, Synth, Electric Piano

Scott Payne - Guitar

Chuck Kofahl - Guitar

Jim Bullard - Bass

Carl Albrecht - Drums

September, "Lines Are Falling" (Sugar Records SRJ-841, 1984). The band September was one of the best independent Christian rock bands of the 1980s, releasing three hard-to-find LPs.

on their own Sugar Records label. The first was 1981's "September First," followed by "Lines are Falling" in 1984, and their final LP was 1987's "Dreams & Lessons." There are 10 songs on this LP: "Lines Are Falling," "Too Little Time," "Ready To Live," "Calling For You," "Night Song," "Never Never," "Somethin's Comin," "You Don't Love Me," "Hold Your Ground," and "Far From There."

SEPTEMBER was a project of the Kirkland brothers Dale, Russ & Doug, all from a Christian family, that's why this band has a CCM background (CCM=Contemporary Christian Music).

But don't be scared if you're not religious, song lyrics are cool and the music is a wimpy and nice Lite AOR / Melodic pop-rock./Lead vocals are shared between the bros, alternating their roles song by song / This is their 3rd album, and overall sounds like classic commercial early 80's AOR bands.

The opener "Lines are falling" is a clear example of the above mentioned, a good female fronted AOR rocker that reminds me TANE CAIN solo album, while "Ready to live" is a beautiful candy-floss keyboard driven song with pounding Drums.

Side B of this album only released on vinyl is better in my opinion, Starts with "Never never", reminds me T. CAIN again, especially the vocal intonation and the amazing synths, "Somethin's comin" has a very good old style Guitar playin' in charge of Scott Payne (lead guitars). Check this out... good pickin' ! But my definitive favorite here (altough all tracks are good) is "Hold your ground"... awesome song!

Think PAUL DELPH + BENNY MARDONES and you got it, really good electric piano [Rhodes] playing too / This record was requested by a reader in the 'REQUEST & FILL CORNER 2' section (NorthSwede this is for you!) and I had forgotten how good it is, long time no listening, So I've decided to clean up the vinyl scratchs & clicks, and now sounds really, really good. A true rarity (and a good one), hard to find, even between CCM collectors. / Don't miss it...


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