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Daniel Amos - Dig Here Said The Angel 2013


01. Forward In Reverse

02. Jesus Wept

03. Dig Here Said The Angel

04. Our New Testament Best

05. Love, Grace And Mercy

06. Now That I've Died

07. We'll All Know Soon Enough

08. Waking Up Under Water

09. The Uses Of Adversity

10. The Ruthless Hum Of Dread

11. The Sun Shines On Everyone

This is the first Daniel Amos record in 12 years. It was completely funded by their fans on Kickstarter and through their website.

"There's good. There's great. There's brilliant. And then there's instant timeless classic. "Dig Here, Said the Angel" by Daniel Amos is the latter, and then some." (Jerry Wilson- The Examiner) "It is a very good album and may well be in the top five of this group’s career. It is probably going to be my number one album of 2013." (DW Dunphy-

Popdose) "This album is brilliance. I just don’t know what else to say. Many other reviewers have tried to describe how this album fits in with other Daniel Amos classics. I don’t even know how to start down that path. If you like Daniel Amos, you will probably love this album. If you have not been introduced to Daniel Amos,

but have felt a need for intelligent alternative music that is Marianas Trench deep and heavily influenced by the greats of the 60s and 70s (without being derivative), then this is the disc you have to check out." (Matt Crosslin- Down The Line). "Synthesizing all that's good about Daniel Amos - Dig Here Said.

The Angel delivers typically thought-provoking music from the band that wouldn't go away. The classic DA lineup - Terry Taylor (guitars and vocals), Jerry Chamberlain (guitars and vocals), Greg Flesch (guitars, mandolin, piano, keyboards, etc.), Tim Chandler (bass), Ed McTaggart (drums, percussion), and Rob Watson (keyboards) –

sounds as fresh and innovative as they ever have, mixing Beatles-inspired psychedelia with spiritually introspective lyrics delivered in Taylor's distinctive, flexible vocal style. The result is the most fun, enjoyable album about death you'll hear, at least this year." (Bert Saraco- The Phantom Tollbooth).

"Musical/lyrical genius/bandleader Terry Taylor is at his reflective best lyrically, with a collection of lyrics about mortality, suffering, and redemption. Nonetheless, this is not a depressing record. Taylor has always had a way of writing deeply personal lyrics while avoiding crass pulling of heartstrings or shallow sentimentality."


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