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Various Artists - Raise The Death / Australia Metal Compillation II 1994


01. Ethereal Scourge – Death Of Hades

02. Ethereal Scourge – Content To Rot

03. Ethereal Scourge – Sudden Death

04. Ethereal Scourge – Tombthroat

05. Screams Of Chaos – The Plague Part 1: Fighting For Breath

06. Screams Of Chaos – The Plague Part 2: The New World

07. Screams Of Chaos – The Plague Part 3: Destroy The Plague Epilogue

08. Embodiment – Loophole

09. Embodiment – Reinstate

10. Embodiment – Incorporate Body

11. Metanoia – Akeldama

12. Metanoia – Death Of The Innocent

13. Metanoia - Valley Of Dry Bones

14. Metanoia - Eternal Destruction

15. Vomoth - Beyond The Gate


Excellent compilation, and probably my favorite of the four Australian Metal compilations. Ethereal Scourge's four demo tracks give a hint of the greatness of their coming album, Death, it seems, is alive and well. How's that for a paradox? Not only is it alive and well, it's sunning itself on the beaches of Australia. This compilation from Mortification's Steve Rowe's label proves it, five divisions of death-dealers from Australia pumping out 15 tracks of serious grindcore, kicking off with four tracks from Ethereal Scourge with a typical spiritual warfare theme. The CD moves into a mini death opera, "The Plague" from a studio project band Screams Of Chaos, the plot of which involves time travel to escape a killer plague. Next up are Embodiment whose three songs examine the conflict between spirit and flesh, commitment to the world and commitment to Christ.


The fourth band are Metanoia (not to be confused with the British AOR band) with possibly the most unintelligibly acid-throated vocalist of the lot. Special mention must go to the didgeridoo intro to "Eternal Destruction". The final offering is a single track from Vomoth, "Beyond The Gate". Vomoth sounds like the name of some insect-like arch-fiend from a Dan Dare comic, and listening to the track I think that's probably what it is. I would have liked to hear more of this unorthodox outfit who deserve an award for the most illegible logo 1995. So, death fans slap another shrimp on the barbi and press the shuffle button!.


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