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Novella - One Big Sky 1991


01. Do We Just Surrender

02. Running Home

03. Fire Eyes

04. I Need You

05. Whispers in the Night

06. Give Me Love

07. Lay it on Me

08. Who Are We to Say

09. Sweet Rising Sun

10. Big Sky



Jonathan Pagano - Lead Vocals, Guitar and Keyboards

Jon Spinola - Bass and Vocals

Adam Gibson - Drums, Percussion, and Vocals

Novella is easily the most underated Rock Band of its day. This is truly a pumping record that will make both the Christian and Non Christian feel like they can take over the world. In my opinion this is the what RUSH was suppose to sound like. The Vocals are great, the music is awesome. Every note, the words, The Power I cannot say enough about this record. Liquid Earth, their following recording, is also very good as well, but this one was a bit edgier. I am sorry that they faded away. This Album is also very hard to find. If you can get it, do.

This New Jersey Band has a bottomless pit of Melody that will take you to harmony heaven. For a debut release the sound is very full and textured. Pagano is almost a one man show (Lead Vocals/Guitar and Keyboards) as he sings with range and emotion.

The first 6 tracks are very strong. If you're a atheist/agnostic Rocker don't let that discourage you From picking this one up. The lyrics are subtle and sometimes deep but not in your face or coming off cheesy. Check out the youtube video for 'Give Me Love' and you be the judge. One of the top 5 CCM Melodic hard rock releases ever in my book.

So If you like The Commercial pop metal that was going on like warrant, Firehouse, & Mr Big during the 80's and early 90's it's not bad. By the time this band's 2 albums came along, the last good days of Arena Rock & hair Bands was about over. Grunge and Alternative pretty much elbowed their way in. I still enjoyed giving them a listen because I'm still a shameless metalhead, but it's no wonder they couldn't outlast the era.

My hobby is collecting Christian Rock & Metal so I'm glad it's in my archives when I want to hear some good hair Bands. / The Band's laid back, Melodic approach fits their message, though there are times listening to this album that you just wish they'd take Stryper's advice and rock, rock, rock!


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