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Sanxtion - Think About It 1996


01 Don't You Know

02 Outside The Door

03 Foot Of The Mountain

04 Change Of Heart

05 Dreams

06 Love Can Make It Happen

07 For You

08 Light Shining

09 Better Way

10 Close To You


CREDITS:Last known line-up

Kevin Michael - Vocals

Pete Rossi - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Chris Bedford - Bass, Backing Vocals

Tony Rossi - Drums

Mike Lee (Ex-Barren Cross)Does Guest Vocals on this album.

Mike Lee on vocals with Peter Rossi and Toni Rossi (Daniel Band)


A lot of people are wondering what happened to Mike Lee of Barren Cross after the Band disbanded. Well, Mike ended up in Sanxtion. The Band is a classic metal Band with lots of Hooks and Crunch. Pete Rossi handles the Guitars and Tony Rossi does the Drum work.

The music has that Modern Metal feel mixed with some Classic Metal leads and Hooks. Also included in the music is a horn section in a few of the songs to give it a jazz-esue feel. The music is still metal but with some interesting elements. Lee does an excellent job on the Vocals. He demonstrates that his range and power are still one of the best in Christian music.

The lyrics on this CD are excellent and point to Christ through songs like "I Don't Know You," "Outside The Door," "Change Of Heart," "Love Can Make It Happen," "Light Shining," "Better Way" and "Close To You." This CD has a few ballads and a few really good rockers. If you are a fan of Barren Cross and are interested in hearing the next BC CD, this Sanxtion will not satisfy. If you are interested in hearing some good metal coupled with a few ballads.They Did Release This Previous Demo Before the Full Lenght Cd ON 1989.


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