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Tait - Lose This Life 2003


01. Lose This Life

02. Numb

03. Electric Avenue

04. Fallen

05. God Can You Hear Me

06. Reconnecting

07. Child

08. Heartache

09. Free Will

10. Wait

11. Holding Out For Grace

12. (Untitled) - (hidden track)

13. (Untitled) - (hidden track)

14. (Untitled) - (hidden track)

15. (Untitled) - (hidden track)

16. (Untitled) - (hidden track)

17. (Untitled) - (hidden track)

18. (Untitled) - (hidden track)

19. (Untitled) - (hidden track)

20. (Untitled) - (hidden track)

21. (Untitled) - (hidden track)

22. (Untitled) - (hidden track)

23. (Untitled) - (hidden track)

24. (Untitled) - (hidden track)

25. Christmas Song, The - (bonus track)


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Tait: Michael Tait (vocals

Justin York (guitar)

Lonnie Chapin (bass)

Chad Chapin (drums)

Additional personnel

Jerry McPherson

Adam Lester

Jay Johnson

Javier Solis

Pual Moak

Mark Heimermann

Matt Bronleewe

Todd Robbins


Mark Heimermann

Michael Tait

Matt Bronleewe

Chad Chapin.Recorded at Fun Attic Studios, Bennett House, and Paragon Studios, Franklin, Tennessee.One of the most important Christian rock bands of all time, DC Talk was a key group in bringing the modern edge of hip-hop and alternative music to the genre's previously soft-rock-based sound.

After DC Talk's demise, leaders Toby McKeehan (AKA TobyMac) and Michael Tait each established solo careers--McKeehan as a rapper and Tait as a rocker.LOSE THIS LIFE, the latter's second record, is a varied and energetic mix of ultra-catchy modern rock ala Matchbox Twenty and the sweeping, dramatic epics of U2.

Tait has powerful pipes, and he uses them to good effect, effortlessly switching from a Lenny Kravitz-like shout on the garage rocker "Wait" to a Johnny Mathis-style croon on an orchestra-backed cover of "The Christmas Song." Elsewhere, Tait and his group touch on Nine Inch Nails-like industrial metal ("Numb"), hard-edged techno pop (Eddy Grant's 1980's chestnut "Electric Avenue"), and dark balladry of the Radiohead / Coldplay variety ("Heartache"). An entertaining and wildly ambitious journey through rock's stylistic detours, LOSE THIS LIFE is an inspired offering.

Michael Tait brings a sound togther all his own ! From the opening and title cut of "Lose This Life" to the bonus "Christmas Song" he puts out a CD that leaves no doubt that "Tait" rocks musically and more important spiritually. You have a very clear picture that Michael Tait is influenced by Jesus Christ. The "Rock" songs really do that - they shake the tree musically and hit just about every style of "rock" that I enjoy. And the "slower" songs showcase his heart for God. And to say his vocals are "outstanding" is a severe understatement.

His cover of "Electric Avenue" blows the original away. Yes you can probably hear elements of other artists here (U2, Joshua Tree, Lenny Kravitz, etc). But "Tait" builds upon the success of their first project "Empty" with a style all their own. A five star CD !

This CD is like most of the solo efforts of the DC Talk members. It is good, but not anything outstanding. Michael Tait along with Kevin Max and Toby Mac had an amazing thing going with DC Talk. It was a rarely equalled group that was head and shoulders above virtually any other group out there past or present. In contrast, as solo artists, the three are pretty good.

Tait has some solid Christian lyrics. One of his songs, 'Lose This Life', is very good. The others range from ok to pretty good. / As I stated the first saw "Lose Your Life" has a U2 "ish" sound to it. After listening to this CD over and over and over I noticed it has a feel of Joshua Tree/Achtung Baby from U2.

Then I realized the muisc has an 80's sound to it yet a 2003 feel to it. My favoite tracks are #1,5, 10, and 11. Track 5 called "God Can You Hear Me" ranks up there with the title track and track 11 is the Best Ballad type song on the CD. As I mentioned before, he has various styles of rock on this album but forgot to mention his cover of Eddy Grant's "ELECTRIC AVENUE". The intro to the song is great and I feel a much better version than the original. Maybe I'm biased but check it out for yourself.

To all those Micahel Tait Fans and dc Talk Fans, LOSE YOUR LIFE is AWESOME! The title track is one of the best songs and has a feel of U2's "beautiful day" and "streets with no name". Tait mixes various styles of rock through out the album. When you hear "wait", the beat and groove of the Drums makes you want to hear this one live! With such a great voice you know you will get a few ballad type songs and you won't be dissapointed. His voice can't do wrong.

The album will grow on you very quickly and be prepared to want to listen to it over and over. The bonus Christmas Song is great also. Sure wish Tait or dc Talk would put out a full Christmas or worship cd too! ENJOY!!!!


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