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Angel X - Angel X 2006


01. Aleatory Leader

02. Anatomy Of A Crime

03. Lord Of The War

04. Ghost Ship

05. The Map Of Mind

06. A Perfect Future

07. Change Your Days

08. Show Your Will

09. Godzilla

10. Insecurity

11. The Messenger

Progressive / Christian / Power Metal Formed in São Paulo, São Paulo - 2002. The band's prog-metal Angel X was Formed in December 2002, led by drummer Peter Parker, who was a founding member of the extinct and known heavy metal bands from São Paulo Marta and Calvary, as well as stakes in several other bands of minor .

The intention was always to make a prog-metal elaborate and original, with explicit influences of Dream Theater, Symphony-X and Rush, played by excellent musicians, mostly self-taught, but who have experience in various metal bands in Sao Paulo.

The proposal of the band lyric, genuinely Christian, it is wrong to warn about the alternatives of life and show the right direction which is always live according to God's plans and the teachings of Jesus Christ. The result is mature and original compositions, instrumentals, tight, fast and catchy melodies, resulting in their first demo "The Anatomy of Crime", released in late 2002, which generated a great achievement for a band that was agreement with

the three cds Megahard Records. For the same period will be finished the first music video "Anatomy of A Crime, " which is on cd demo, professionally produced in Betacam for "Bryan Designer and Communication " which is already guaranteed placement on MTV, TV Cultura and other programs Brazilian TV.


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