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ANGELIX Demo 1990


01. Wings Of Steel

02. Turn To The Light

03. Upon The Rock

04. God Won't Give Up

05. Valley of The Mountains

06. The Battle Is Won

07. At The Cross

08. Crash And Burn

09. The Prayer

Well, now. This is interesting. Angelix was a heavy metal band that hailed from the United States…and that’s all the information that I was able to find on the band. Oh, that and they released this nine song demo in 1990. Other than that, there’s been nothing whatsoever beyond what I just gave you concerning the history and background on Angelix.

No band member info, nothing on how long they were together, what state in the country they were from…it’s almost like they were a mythical creature and this demo was the only proof of their existence to show the scoffers and non-believers. But I digress.

This here demo is, like I mentioned, nine tracks of heavy metal that is, for the most part, rather heavy, with a power metal vibe like early Queensryche and Metal Church. The sound quality is raw, living up to the “demo” in the title, there. The music itself is rather impressive, with some inspiring moments of heavy metal goodness.

The thing that really drags this thing down are the vocals. Hit or miss – heavy on the miss, I’m afraid – the vocalist (and I suspect there were two, if they weren’t in fact using an overdubbing trick) tries hard to ape vocalists like Geoff Tate and other majestic metal vocalists…but comes off rather flat. Especially when he tries for the high-pitched notes, you can tell his chops weren’t all there like they’re supposed to. Rather cringe-worthy.

And like the history and background of the band, nothing much is known of what became of the members, if they went on to different bands or whatnot. All we have is this demo, which I would recommend only to demo collectors, and to those who enjoy their heavy metal in the rough, and don’t mind the sub-par vocals. I give Demo 1990 by Angelix a good, solid “meh”


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