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Seventh Vision - Shock of tha Hour 1999


01. Intro

02. Crossover

03. Cerebellum

04. Quicksand

05. Alarm

06. Sick

07. Forefront

08. F.I.S.S.T.

09. America

10. Days of Sorrow

11. Tha Legend

12. Paydirt

13. My Dark Cloud

14. Shock Of Tha Hour

Band Members:

Will Hoyle - Vocals

Johnny Martinez - Guitars

Doug Wiggins - Bass Guitar

Justin Glover - Drums

THIS RECORD BE 2 SWEET!!!!It's way better than P.O.D. . Way more hardcore!!! Every song has this metal edge and is just banging! I have been listening to this cd for weeks now and it doesn't get old. It's phat that they're a Christian Band and they speak about what they believe. It's an awesome cd, but REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY Hard to Find. So buy It!!!!!!!!!!!

This group Rocks! P.O.D. is getting all the credit for this kinda music right? Well i think that these guys ae much better. They openly tell you they worship God and they're proud of it!If you like P.O.D. Limp biscut or Korn you'll Love these guys / This cd totally kicks tushy!!! i highly reccomend it to anyone who wants a killer,hardcore, and loud metal band. The best song is definitely Crossover. one thing is for sure,these guys are radical christians that's why I love them!

so for a skateboarder who always listens to this kinda music while skating. But don't bother looking for this cd at a place like Sonshine or Best Buy. So if you are a skateboarder or even surfer that is a christian buy this cd. I am. Even if you are not a christian I am sure you will want to be one after listening to this.

I believe Seventh Vision deserves recognition for their effort at making a blistering rapcore album. After all, with so many bands producing music like this, it is hard to produce a powerhouse album. For the listener who has not experienced any rapcore before, this is a nice, raw album to start out with. 

SO If you want a Christian rapcore album that rivals the hodgepodge of secular rapcore out there then I would suggest "Seventh Vision & P.O.D.'s The Fundamental Elements of Southtown. I exchanged shock of tha hour for that and am a happy listener. I'm sure Seventh Vision will mature as they release more albums and in the future I look forward to Kepp giving my reviews and hearing to their next albums.


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