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Temple Yard - Temple Yard 1999


01. Lion of Judah

02. Runnin'

03. Wicked Stone

04. Tell Me

05. Freedom in Captivity

06. By Your Side

07. Quiet Place

08. Enter All Junglist

09. Speak the Truth

10. Give It Away

11. Lost Without You

12. Not Too Late

13. Speak the Truth (Rocker's Alley Remix)


Eric Sundin - Vocals, Guitar

Bill Kasper - Guitar, Background Vocals

Johnny Guerrero - Saxophone, keyboards, Bass, Percussion, Background Vocals

Marky Rage - Keyboards, Background Vocals

Ken Yarnes - Drums, Percussion


Additional personnel

Kirk Whalum - Tenor Saxophone

Barry Green

Thomas Feurer

Joey Ko

Jeff bailey - Horns

Sean McClean - Drums)

Sal Salvador

Ken Landers (Programming)

Joe Freel, Damon Goude - Background Vocals

I must say I am quite pleased with songwriting overall as well as the musicianship. One can't overlook the lead vocals of Erik Sundin which make this album all the more enjoyable. Sundin's lead vocals were an integral part of Christafari's sound and now they grace the works of Temple Yard. TELL ME and BY YOUR SIDE both showcase the rich soulfulness of his singing. Unfortunately, the latter suffers somewhat from an uneven mix with bass drum a little on the high end.

LION OF JUDAH comes across as a decent tune but a little too repetitive to me. RUNNIN' has an unorthodox beat that falls somewhere between big band and ska and sounds a little awkward to me. Marky Rage's lead vocal on the excellent GIVE IT AWAY is a highlight as he shows his versatility. R&B is a main ingredient in the overall song mix and I think this works really well.

Johnny Guerrero's saxophone playing and horn arrangement are very good and maybe even a tad too tight in some instances. I'd like to hear'em let it breathe a little. Compared to Christafari, the messages in the music are quite a bit more subtle which isn't necessarily a bad thing. SPEAK THR TRUTH is a great mix of singing and toasting with a nice horn arrangements and strong lyrics. It would be nice if drummer Ken Yarnes could loosen up some and throw in a few fills here and there. My opinion. Let's look forward to more from Temple Yard. Speaking the truth- with love.

Welcome to the ever evolving and adventurous world of Temple Yard. Birthed out of a relentless love for progressive reggae music this group storms back on to the scene with their sophomore release entitled Emancipation. Clearly carving out their own niche through their frantic fusions of reggae and soca with everything from hard rock to funk, Temple Yard follows almost effortlessly in the footsteps of legendary bands such as Third World and Black Uhuru while being dubbed reggae music's answer to groups like 311 and No Doubt.

"The intention is to bring together the worlds that collide in our stereos at home. We listen to quite a variety of styles because we just love 'em and because of our influences we find it relatively easy to lay them over solid reggae grooves and bass lines. This has always been our vibe " comments Rage, the band's charismatic frontman. The band was formed in 1998 and emerged on to the reggae scene, performing worldwide on opening slots for artists such as Jimmy Cliff and Inner Circle in addition to being invited onto legendary reggae trio Culture's spring 2000 tour.

Their 1999 self- titled first release was received with rave reviews and not only earned them the # 7 slot on Billboard's Reggae Chart during the first week of release but also got them critical recognition in Billboards' Spotlight Review as the band to watch for 1999 alongside classical great Yo Yo Ma.

During their 1999 world tour Temple Yard had the pleasure of representing the USA at the first Anniversary Commemoration of the US Embassy bombing in Nairobi Kenya where they headlined and delivered an electrifying performance to a captive audience of over five thousand. While there the group visited the Masai Mara wildlife reserve and even got to meet some of the Masai people of that region. Their 1999 world tour also included concert performances in Jamaica, the Netherlands and ended in the winter of 2000 with an exhaustive run of thirteen concerts done in ten days through the islands of Hawaii.

Whether creating heat waves at your local coffeehouse, reggae nightspot or music festival; Temple Yard will undoubtedly always be a force to reckon with as they strive to create new and unapologetic fusions of the music they love. Their intention is to bring together people from every generation and expose them to fusion like they've never heard before. Sometimes they'll have you shaking with the percussive rhythms of Africa, and sometimes they'll rock you the American way but most of the time they'll have you bubbling with the sizzling heat of the Caribbean.

From the first cut to the last this IS good, good, good! Every tune is great! I hope and pray that many of the arrogant, brash young men who drive by my house at 3:30am in the morning with their BOOMbupBOOM bupBOOM speakers blasting out rap music that degrades women and glorifies drug use get this CD for Christmas or their birthday, it could change their lives!

Christafari [early Temple Yard] were great and this latest 'evolution' is even better. I have been a reggae and rock-n-roll fan for years [I'm an 'old man' over 35, that is] and was so happy and praised the Lord for bringing these guys around, because back in my younger days when I used to drive around the neighborhood in my beat-up Toyota I had blasting out equally unrighteous junk--but I met the same Lord that Temple Yard did and the message is God rules! and we gotta speak the truth in love! Get this CD, get 5 or 6 CDs to give away to rowdy rude boys you know--do you get the message? 1 John 1:1-10

This album is really great. Great for any ime traveling in the car, in your mobile devices wherever you go this album is just great to listen to. Notice i repeatedly use the word great caz thats the only word that can acurately describe the album. definately my favorite song on this album is "SPeak Truth (rocker's Alley Remix). Definately should listen to "Quiet Place"...that song is great. I recomend this album to everyone wheteher your religious or not...its really GREAT!


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