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Guardian / Gardian - Voyager & Fusion The Early Years - Millenium 8 Records - 2001


01. Instrumental Intro

02. Voyager

03. Across the Universe

04. Run to the Light

05. In a World Without Love

06. I Am Here

07. Prisoners Zone

08. Look to the Future

09. Hyperdrive

10. When the Time Is Right

11. Marching On

12. Spiritual Warfare

13. Miracle of the Galaxy

14. Living for the Promise

15. Eclipse

16. Rock in Victory

17. Step to the Light

18. Armored Defense

19. Your Love Looks to the Future


Paul Cawley - Lead Vocals, Guitar

David Bach - Bass, Synthesizers

Rikk Hart - Drums

James Isham - Lead Guitar

David Caro - Lead Guitar

Tony Palacios - Lead Guitar


This Story should probably begin in the summer of 1989. We had just released our first record on a major mainstream label. The album, at First Watch had sold well right out of the box in our home state of California and we had recently been selling out the famed Roxy in Hollywood. It seemed like the sky was the limit! We embarked on our first real national tour that August. The band had developed a new stage show and we were eager to try it out on new crowds nationwide.

We opened our show with Kingdom Of Rock and tore right into mystery Many years which were our two favorite songs off of First Watch to play live. The first radio single was I'll Never Leave You, so we played that third in the set. We always felt that we should play a ballad fourth (it always seemed like that was some unwritten law back then) so we opted for Miracle which was really the only song that could be remotely construed as a ballad off of First Watch. The grand finale was always Rock In Victory.

 This is where Tony Palacios and Paul Cawley, who was the original Guardian vocalist, (a bit of history for all you new fans) traded frenzied guitar leads in a live jam version that usually included long bass and drum breakdowns and lots of crowd participation. This was later 80's Pop Metal in full Glory!

But Guardian didn't start out as just any hairspray Hollywood Band. Our roots went much deeper than L.A. Glam. We actually started out wearing space armor and playing some of the spaciest and heaviest music on the L.A. club scene. We formally stopped wearing the armor in late 1987 but "Saints Battalion" is a remnant from the armor days that survived on to First Watch. Our producer at that time, Oz Fox thought that it was an interesting tune and decided to include it on that record.


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