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Guardian - Live At Cornerstone 2001


01. Lead The Way

02. Psychadelic Runaway

03. Shoeshine Johnny

04. Curiosity Killed The Cat

05. Bottle Rocket

06. Salvation

07. The Rain

08. Power Of Love

09. Encore

10. This Old Man

11. Never Say Goodbye

Millenium 8 Records sponsored a 'heavenly metal retro night' at Cornerstone 2001 which featured melodic metal bands Bride, Daniel Band, Deliverance, Guardian, Recon, Sacred Warrior, and Trytan. M8 recorded all of them and got great audio quality off the sound board, so this series isn't a cheesy microphone-hidden-in-the-pocket bootleg that sounds terrible. This is the CD capturing Guardian live in concert early July, 2001, in front of hundreds of appreciative fans.

M8 Records put on an '80's Metal Retro Night' bringing in resurrected bands like Recon, Trytan, Deliverance as well as long standing bands like Guardian and Bride. Unlike Bride and Deliverance, however, Guardian did not stick to the theme of the evening. It was suppose to be 80's Metal Retro Night, yet Guardian chose to play material from their "Buzz" and "Bottle Rocket" crap and NOTHING off their one awesome 80's release "First Watch." However, they did play a few songs from the 80's influenced "Fire & Love" and "Miracle Mile," both of which are favorites of mine.

The difference between this material and the band's alternative material really becomes apparent on this live disc. It's amazing how Jamie's voice is so fitting of the more melodic nature of songs like "Shoeshine Johnny" and "Power of Love" yet he sounds awful on the alternative rock tracks like

"Lead The Way" and "This Old Man." "Bottle Rocket" and "Psychedelic Runaway" are pure crap! I can't stand these songs, so the skip button is an absolute must for this disc. "Salvation" is not much better. I guess I was really hoping to hear more of the band's metal material. I remember seeing Guardian at Calvary Chapel on the "Fire & Love" tour and Jamie Rowe did a phenomenal job on the "First Watch" songs. Overall, this disc was disappointing for me, although I did find the Twisted Sister chant amusing though.


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