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Deliverance - Live At Cornerstone 2001


01. Intro

02. Stay of Execution

03. Introductions

04. No Time

05. Learn

06. What a Joke

07. Belltown

08. Psalm 23

09. Weapons of Our Warfare

10. Thanks

11. Victory

12. Words to the...

13. Sanctuary


Deliverance is an American Christian thrash metal band from California which later shifted more towards heavy metal and progressive metal. Founded by Jimmy P. Brown II in 1985, although many members have either stayed in the lineup for a number of years, or left and returned to the lineup, Jimmy P Brown II is the only persistent member of Deliverance.

On this 2001 Magdalene Records release, Deliverance reunites, and plays/records a live album at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, ILL.. We were there and can attest to the serious butt-kicking that they doled out. Eventually this happening also led to the release of the 'Assimilation'-album, but that's another story. A live album, which has the subtitle 80's Metal Retro Night, with one of our all time favorite Bands,

Sounds really awesome. And Mr. Brown has pulled out some of the classic tunes here as well. The less then perfect sound quality can not ruin a great live-performance. The band sounds really tight, and they seem to enjoy the response, and having fun. Of course we wished there were more songs from the first 2 albums, but that is just us being picky. The worst thing about this release, is the crappy layout of the cover. Other than that, this is a fan's must! The live version of "Sanctuary" alone is worth the prize.


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