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Bride - Live at Cornerstone 2001


01. Intro

02. Same Ol' Sinner

03. Fool Me Once

04. Preaching About Drinking

05. Whiskey Seed

06. First Will Be Last

07. Thunder in the City

08. Until the End We Rock

09. Hell No

10. I Saw the Light

11. Under the Influence

12. Amazing Grace (Bonus Track)

13. Jesus on the Mainline (Bonus Track)

14. I Have Decided (Bonus Track)


Recorded at Cornerstone 2001 during “80’s Metal Retro Night”, an M8 Records sponsored event featuring live performances from several classic bands of the past and present. The three bonus tracks are taken from Bride’s 1999 release Live! Volume 1 and were not performed at Cornerstone 2001.


M8 Records put on an '80's Metal Retro Night' bringing in resurrected bands like Recon, Trytan, Deliverance as well as long standing bands like Guardian and Bride. Sticking with the theme of the evening, Bride played only tracks from their first three CDs. We were actually surprised that the band played nothing from "Kinetic Faith", "Snakes in the Playground" or "Scarecrow Messiah." However, it was cool to hear some of these forgotten Bride gems in a live setting.


As Dale mentions on the disc, most of these tracks they have not been played by the band in almost a decade. However, Troy and Dale sound as good as they did back in the late 80's/early 90's when they were pioneering Christian metal. Dale's over-the-top wail sounds awesome. Of the set of Cornerstone 2001 discs, Bride's is certainly one of the best sounding. We especially dug the charged up worship song "I Saw the Light." The cover art for this particular "Cornerstone 2001" disc was fitting as it recalls the same feeling as Bride's "Show No Mercy" and "Live to Die" CDs.



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