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Trytan - Live At Cornerstone 2001


01. Don't Turn Away

02. It's War

03. Why are you at Cornerstone?

04. I will Sing Forever

05. We Believe

06. Preaching about the Rock

07. My Rock

08. Preaching

09. Lifter of my Head

10. Preaching

11. Prodigal's Praise

12. The Noise we Make / You are Worthy

Lary Dean - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Scott Blackman - Drums

Jeff Dixon - Bass

Mark Bouquet - Guitar

Tom Kozma - Keyboards

Millenium 8 Records sponsored a 'heavenly metal retro night' at Cornerstone 2001, which featured melodic metal bands Bride, Daniel Band, Deliverance, Guardian, Recon, Sacred Warrior, and Trytan. M8 recorded all of them and got great audio quality off the sound board, so this series isn't a cheesy microphone-hidden-in-the-pocket bootleg that sounds terrible. This is the CD capturing Trytan live in concert early July, 2001, in front of hundreds of appreciative fans. Rush fans will freak!


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