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Sacred Warrior - Live At Cornerstone 2001


01. Intro

02. Children Of The Light

03. Remember Me

04. Rebellion

05. Holy Holy Holy

06. Little Secrets

07. Wicked Generation

08. Heavens Are Calling

09. Come On

10. Day By Day

11. Prince of Peace

12. Temples On Fire



Rey Parra – Lead Vocals

Bruce Swift – Guitars

Rick Macias – Keyboards

Steve Watkins – Bass

Tony Velazquez – Drums


Sacred Warrior is definitely one of hard rock/metal's premier Christian bands. Take a band with all the musical might and majesty (including the amazing vocals!) of Queensryche and add great hooks and you have Sacred Warrior.

If you haven't checked this band out, I highly recommend their studio releases to fans of heavier hard rock and traditional old-school melodic metal. This live cd was recorded years after the studios albums they are best known for were recording. You can tell the band was a bit "loose" at this live performance, but it is still an enjoyable listen, since it is an actual live recording (not overdubbed and touched up in the studio).


You don't get a chance to hear many bands truly live on a recording, so that is a major plus. What's missing for me though, is their great songs like "Black Metal", "Mad, Mad World", "Wings of a Dream", "Fire From Heaven", "Beyond The Mountain" etc. Seek out this band for the tracks I've listed above and all of their studio releases.

All of their studio releases are rock solid and worth "discovering" and adding to your collection. If you like Queensryche, Fifth Angel, Crimson Glory or Recon (another similar Christian melodic metal band in the same style), you will be blown away by Sacred Warrior. Great band, but this live cd is really only for fans like myself that want it all. I will add that their "newer"/lesser-known song "Day By Day" is a great track and they do a cool live version of that here. The studio version of that song can also be found on the re-release of "Rebellion" (collector's edition). Finally, I'm not preaching, but their positive lyrics won't rot your brain either.


The band is tight, their performance is excellent and Rey Perra sounds as good as he did in the early 90's. Of all the simultaneously released Cornerstone 2001 discs, this one impressed me the most. Considering some of the others were by favorites of mine like Deliverance and Recon, that is saying a lot.

Not only does the band sound great, but they bring a real spirit of worship and reverence to the Almighty. Of course this has always been a strong point of Sacred Warrior. The new tracks "Day by Day" sounds good and gives hope for a new release from these guys in the future. My only real complaint here is that the packaging, like most M8 releases is very cheap and generic looking. Also, the set is short. Would have loved to have heard more from this Classic Band.



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