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Bride - The Matrix Years & Lost Reels I 2CD Set/40 Songs


01. We Got Rhythm

02. Who Killed the Rock Hero

03. Get Away 03:12

04. What's the Point

05. Good Rock 'n' Roll

06. Stand Up and Shout

07. West of the Moon

08. Spell House

09. To Make You Think It's Real

10. Missing Children

11. Heroes

12. Fright

13. Remember Me

14. Now You See Me (Now You Don't)

15. All Hallow's Eve

16. Slippin' into the Light

17. We Are Going to Make It

18. Look at Me Now

19. He's the Flyer

20. What Must I Do

21. How Long

22. Fine Line

23. Only Hurts When I Laugh

24. Lisa

25. Let the Son Shine

26. I Don't Get It

27. Hollywood

28. Sugar

29. I'm the Devil

30. Good Rock 'n' Roll

31. Dirty

32. 18

33. Help

34. Could You Live in My World

35. Think About Our Future

36. Sleepy Southern Town

37. Pyramid

38. Echoes of Mercy

39. I Miss Dancing with You

40. It's the Devil

Remember the CDs titled Matrix 1983-1984 and Lost Reels, released independently by Bride a few years ago with crude 2-color artwork? The songs on this 2 CD set come from the Matrix (pre-Bride) original 10-song cassette only releases titled PG-13 and Monkey See Monkey Do, plus Lost Reels 1, 15 more songs left off earlier Bride studio albums, plus five previously unreleased bonus tracks. Millenium 8 Records re-issued both as a 2 CD set in 2001 with new full color artwork as one of their Limited Edition Collector's Series re-issues.


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