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Saint - Time's End 2002 / M8D / Live At Cornerstone 1986/2002


01. In the Night

02. Island Prisoner

03. Space Cruiser

04. Through You

05. Time's End

06. Primed and Ready

07. Destroyers" (3:17)

08. Phantom of the Galaxy

09. Steel Killer

BONUS TRACKS (on Millenium Eight reissue)

Live at Cornerstone 1986

10. Warriors of the Son

11. Legions of the Dead

12. Primed and Ready

13. Times End

14. Vickers of Fate

15. Island Prisoner

16. In the Night

17. Abyss

Reissue of American Heavy Metal band Saint's full length debut with Live at Cornerstone 1986 recordings issued by M8 (Millenium Eight) Records in 2002. This is One of the best album from saint it really rocks with songs like times end,destroyers,and space cruiser.I remember when this came out i went and bought it on lp and i thought it was really great. Josh Kramer is a great singer and judas priest fans will love this cd. If you like hard nonglam metal then this cd is for you.

1986 was a premium year for heavy metal. The scene was exploding with talent, and a many quality bands just didn't get the notice they deserved. Saint was one such band.With a heavy sound that could be compared to Judas Priest, Time's End is an instant classic. I listened to the cassette so much I wore it out. The production definitely isn't the best, but Time's End is so good you can hear past it.

This was the first Saint album I bought back in 1986 and it become one of my favorite albums for a very long time. I had become a new Christian around this time and this album came at a very crucial time in my life, so it has a lot of nostalgic value for me as well. "Times End" is a solid slab of heavy metal in the tradition of Judas Priest. Songs like "Steel Killer" and "Island Prisoner" are just so darned infectious.

To this date the mere mention of these songs brings the choruses echoing through my head. Saint had everything; heavy, distorted guitars, catchy songwriting, shredding solos, and screaming vocals. Josh Kramer has a great voice that echoes Rob Halford metal howl in many ways.

I often hear people disrespect Saint saying they were a "Judas Priest clone." This simply is not the case. Saint most certainly has their own style and personality but like any other metal band from the early 80's, So if i often says its like judas priest its more for giving an idea of how familiar may sound but cut their teeth on bands like Sabbath and Priest and those influences are certainly present here. / Also check out Saint's other albums (which I couldn't find on amazon): Too Late for Living, In the Battle, and The Mark. All are quality metal for those who like Judas Priest. 

Finally, all you Saint fans out there rejoice, here's a proper remaster of Time's End! J. Powell did a fantastic job. Everything is so clear, a great mix. John Mahan's solos just jump out at you! He reminds me of K.K. Downing of Judas Priest in style.

This is the way I wish this recording would have sounded back in 1986! The only thing I didn't like was the slip-case, doesn't hold the CD in very well. I just put mine in my original release case. This was always my favorite Saint disc but I thought the original recording was so muddy, not any more. This sounds so fresh like it could have been recorded last week in a top notch studio! Even if you have the original this is well worth it! It also blows away that M8 reissue that never did it justice! Check it out!


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