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David Zaffiro - The Other Side 1989


01. Stay

02. I See Red

03. Where Are You Now

04. Why Me

05. The Other Side

06. Diversity

07. You

08. To The End

09. Only Eyes

10. Spirit of the Lord

David Zaffiro - Lead Vocals, Guitars

Bill Hale - Bass

Kelly Carpenter - Keyboards

David Hubbard - Keyboards

Davin McLaird - Drums


Additional Musicians

Richard Bartholomew – Background Vocals

Marlene Cochran – Background Vocals

Maverick Gibson – Rhythm Guitar (Track 1)

Holly Heatherington – Bridge Singer (Track 4)

David Hubbard – Keys (Track 10)

Mark Mosholder – Bass Guitar (Track 2)

Charlene Nemieyer – Background Vocals

Paula Prince – Background Vocals

David Schueler – Background vocals

David Zaffiro came to fame in the mid to late 80's as the Lead Guitarist for the Christian Metal group "Bloodgood" which was named after the bass player Michael Bloodgood. "The Other Side" was David's first solo album and in my opinion his best. The album starts out with 2 great songs "Stay" and "I See Red" which I think are the best. Other highlights include: "The Other Side", "Where Are You Now?" and "Why Me". Overall this is a great album with wonderful guitar playing and musicianship. Get it used or new...just get it and enjoy! /

David Zaffiro completely abandoned the metallica Bloodgood sound on this, his first solo disc, for a more melodic, hard rock sound. At points I wouldn't even call this hard rock, as songs like "Spirit Of the Lord" are very personal, intimate, melancholy numbers. However, this format does allow David to add more flash in the guitar work from time to time, something that he did only sparingly with Bloodgood. I must confess, I was somewhat disappointed by this album when I first bought it upon it's release in 1989, but have grown to like it over the years.

The songwriting isn't a "exciting" as Bloodgood was on those early albums, but there is still plenty of meat here to chew on. David's songwriting and his spiritual lyrics are a big attraction here. 'I See Red' and 'To The End' are the most immediately infectious and memorable songs, but in reality the whole CD is pretty solid. Think of "The Other Side" as an album to kick back and relax to. It leans more in the hanging at home, grilling up dinner genre as opposed to an album to bang your head to.

His Guitar work could compete with any of the secular Guitarists of the time. He is also a great producer/singer/songwriter as well. I like the songs: I See Red,To The End & Where Are You Now. This is a great CD if you are a guitarist or a fan of Satriani & Vai's Guitar styles.


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