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David Zaffiro - In Scarlett Storm 1990


01. Through His Eyes

02. Holding Fast

03. He's Lying to Ya

04. In Scarlet Storm

05. I Wait Alone

06. Let it Go

07. Blue Ice

08. The Song

09. I Give This Life to You


David Zaffiro - Lead Vocals, Guitars

David Zaffiro - Bass, Keyboards

Maverick Gibson - Bass, Guitars, Keyboards

Joe Pollastrini - Drums

Here's a name from CCM history, now almost forgotten, it's good to be acquainted with again. (Mr Zaffiro was once a member of the fondly remembered Bloodgood.) Despite Mr Zaffiro's pedigree and record label, Leading As An 'adult rock' from a man no longer young and finding time for thought and reflection. The gentle ballads, with haunting harmonies, are very nice, as is his clean-toned guitar work.

Rock buffs still longing for the harder edge may want to try "Winds Of September" written and sung by Steven Patrick (Ex-Holy Soldier) while other cuts have a laid back arena sound and "Bottle Top" is an intriguing foray into Texas blues. A fan wrote to me suggesting that "Nobody Knows" was the best song Zaffiro ever produced with words that are "deep, profound and very convicting" and "one of the sweetest little guitar riffs any musician has ever played.

I wouldn't argue.David Zaffiro came to fame in the mid to late 80's as the lead guitarist for the Christian Metal group "Bloodgood" which was named after the bass player Michael Bloodgood. "The Other Side" was David's first solo albums and in my opinion his best. The album starts out with 2 great songs "Stay" and "I See Red" which I think are the best. Other highlights include: "The Other Side", "Where Are You Now?" and "Why Me". Overall this is a great album with wonderful guitar playing and musicianship.

Get it used or new...just get it and enjoy! A very talented Guitar player, song writer, and singer. These were his two finest albums. They mixed the Christian metal sound with tender ballads. Scarlet storm is more edgy and provides the best reproduction of a storm (using a guitar) that I have heard. For any fan of Petra, Whiteheart, Mylon, or other popular 80s early 90s CCM fans.

This album is a fine piece of work of straight ahead rock 'n roll. The guitar playing is great and overall the music is sound. Preventing this album from getting 4 or 5 stars is the fact that there really doesn't seem to be any highlights. The songs are good but in my book there needs to be something that stands up and gets your attention.

Nothing here seems to stick in your head and one song seems to blend into another. Overall David Zaffiro put out 4 solid albums and this is one of them. If you're a Bloodgood fan (of which David was the founding lead guitar player) or got turned onto David after he went solo I think this is still worth the money if for no other reason than the fact that he's vowed to not put out any more albums again as he's a producer now.

This time around we are given less metal and more middle-of-the-road, melodic rock. The guitar work is polished and is not overly flashy, even in the lone instrumental "Blue Ice". This track really reminded me of something Satriani might do and is probably my favorite track on the CD. The music on the rest of the disc is a bit more melancholy than his first solo CD and seems to be a bit more emotional as well.

When this CD came out in 1990 I remember a lot of Bloodgood fans were disappointed that this CD was so mellow in comparison to Zaffiro's former band and even his first solo CD, but over time many, including myself, how grown to appreciate the mellower side to David's music.

Steven Patrick Holy Soldier's Lead Singer Guests on this album  and he fits good, a shamed in one only song, i would see him participating in more tracks.Anyway The Guitar work is pollished. Best tracks are 'He's Lying To Ya', 'In Scarlet Storm' and "Blue Ice" is my Favorite but all score an A grade. This collection has a beautiful continuity which allows each song to be a treat in itself.

When this guy puts thought into his solo's they run the gauntlet of elements comprising Great Guitar, This album is excellent. I have played it over and over and over. Purchased it new, and still a favorite after 14 years. I've purchased all his albums, and wish he was doing more., . Buy it if you can find it!


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