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David Zaffiro - Yesterday's Left Behind 1994


01. I Welcome The Rain

02. Yesterday's Left Behind

03. Waiting It Through

04. Nobody Knows

05. Bottle Top

06. 'N.L.I.E.

07. Winds of September

08. Promises

09. Nothing's Gonna Stand In My Way

10. Where

David Zaffiro - Guitars, Bass, keyboards

David Zaffiro - Lead And Backing Vocals

Anthony Sallee - Bass

Chris Kent - Bass

Steven Patrick - As Guest Lead And Backing Vocals

If you've ever wanted to pick up some music that was upbeat, melodic and has some great guitar solos and jams in it than this is it. I was shocked when I listened to it for the first time as I'm an old school Bloodgood fan (David was the original lead guitarist for Bloodgood - a Christian Heavy Metal band). This is definitely worth the $ for it. Pick it up and enjoy...God Bless! Steven Patrick (Holy Soldier) get back and does the lead vox on "Winds Of September"... Awesome!


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