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Various Artists - Premium Cuts 1994


01. Barren Cross - Here I Am

02. Barren Cross - Time for Love

03. Barren Cross - Midnight Son

04. Red Sea - Soulshaker

05. Red Sea - Dust To Dust

06. Red Sea - Walk on Fire

07. Neon Cross - Buy My Record

08. Neon Cross - Mystery of Love

09. Neon Cross - in Your Mind

10. P.K. Mitchell - But the Blood

11. P.K. Mitchell - Amazing Grace

12. P.K. Mitchell - Do You Believe

Various Artists - Premium Cuts 1994

01. Here I Am - Barren Cross

02. Time for Love - Barren Cross

03. Midnight Son - Barren Cross

04. Soulshaker - Red Sea

05. Dust to Dust - Red Sea

06. Walk on Fire - Red Sea

07. Buy My Record - Neon Cross

08. Mystery of Love - Neon Cross

09. In Your Mind - Neon Cross

10. Nothing But the Blood - P.K. Mitchell

11. Amazing Grace - P.K. Mitchell

12. Do You Believe - P.K. Mitchell

This is a re-release of this compilation under a new label Rugged Records. The original release was issued on the Patriot Records label, which had to change their name to Rugged soon afterwards. Most of these tracks were eventually released on later Rugged albums. Tracks 1 through 3 were included on Barren Cross's 1994 Rattle Your Cage album. Red Sea released an album in 1994 called Blood, with all of these tracks.

The single exception, though, is Neon Cross. They did release an album, Torn, on Rugged in 1995, but none of these songs were on it. I'm not sure about the last P.K.Mitchell track. His 1993 Patriot Records album, All Hail The Power, had to be re-released on Rugged because of the label name change, and I don't know if track 12 was on that reissue. I don't know of any other P.K. Mitchell albums besides All Hail The Power, so track 12 might also be exclusive to this release.

1994 Neon Cross vocalist David Raymond Reeves and guitarist Dan Webster put the band back together and recorded three excellent songs ("Buy My Record," "Mystery of Love," and "In Your Mind") for Patriot Records' (soon renamed Rugged Records) "Premium Cuts" with a reformed Barren Cross as well.

The new cuts echoed the bands earlier heavy metal style. I really thought that "Buy My Record" was a choice song with a killer message to boot. (for a full review of Premium cuts see the compilation section.) Unfortunately most reviewers trashed the band as being outdated, so instead of recording a classic metal album in 1995 they recorded:


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