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Various Artists - California Metal II 1989 Volumen II


01. Vision - Runaway

02. Emerald - Traitor

03. Recon - Light the fire

04. Soldier - Borderline

05. Judea - Heart of stone

06. Mastedon - Get up

07. Ransom - Sin killer

08. Judea - Knock

09. Emerald - Born to die

10. Soldier - Tears

11. Recon - Dreams


After the overwhelming success of the first California Metal in 1987, both in sales and as a platform for unsigned bands to gain record deals, Regency Records followed up with California Metal Volume II in 1988. Once again unsigned bands were showcased to a public hungry for more new metal, however this led to less success for the bands contained on the release and I think only Recon and Ransom got subsequent record deals (Mastedon already had a record deal and their track featured on this compilation is also on their debut album).


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