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Various Artists - Boot Level 1992 / CD Version


01. Mercy Mercy - 77's / The Seventy Sevens

02. Wash This Mountain Down - 2L6 Planet

03. Locked Inside This Moment - The 77's / The Seventy Sevens

04. Hi Rob

05. Writing On The Wall - RV

06. Smokescreen - The 77's / The Seventy Sevens

07. Hard To Believe - 2L6 Planet

08. Good Directions - The 77's / The Seventy Sevens

09. Emotional Tourist - Steve Scott

10. You're Going to......

11. What Was In That Letter? - The 77's / The Seventy Sevens

12. Locked #2 - The 77's / The Seventy Sevens

13. Open Your Window - Rv  (Robert Vaughn)

14. Touch - Steve Scott

15. The Diary Days

16. Across The Nation - Rv (Robert Vaughn)

17. Sister Hook

18. Don't This Way - The 77's / The Seventy Sevens


Various Artists - Boot Level 1992

02. Trust - Two Pound Planet

03. I Get Around - Daniel Amos

04. Beauty of Innocence - Robert Vaughn

05. Smokescreen - The Seventy Sevens

06. As Long As I Live - Daniel Amos

07. Interview with Steve Scott

08. Good Directions - The Seventy Sevens

09. All the Changes - Robert Vaughn

10. Emotional Tourist - Steve Scott

11. Writing on the Wall - Robert Vaughn

12. Flower in a Hurricane - Robert Vaughn

13. Outro


BOOTLEVEL is a collection of songs by artists who have been associated with AR over the years-the DA tracks are courtesy of STUNT.

The 77's tracks are all demos from the "All Fall Down" album. That is Mike Roe on all lead vocals..also of interest is that Steve Griffith is playing drums. Mark Proctor was still official drummer at the time, but was not present for these sessions. "Trust" is a very rough, four track demo that was never remade, but has always been a favorite of mine. Always loved this "dub mix" of "Emotional Tourist" by Steve Scott. The interview bit that precedes it was from an interview with Steve about the upcoming Rice project for Island Records, which never came out.

The RV songs included show that during the Exit period a lot of good material was winding up on the shelf, a trend the prolific artist continues today. "Beauty of Innocence" predates the Exit era, and was one of the songs that brought him to the attention of Exit and Mike Roe in particular. The two DA songs were recorded around 1979/1980. "I Get Around" sounds more like Cheap Trick than DA, but it's a lot of fun. "As Long As I Live" is a Brian-influenced ballad. A 24 track version also exists somewhere and perhaps that will be used on a future STUNT project.

Various Artists - Boot Level 1992 / CD Version & Vinyl Compilation of rare tracks released on vinyl record then later on cd extremely Hard-To-Find, This Compilation in CD Version I Have on Stock was a Promo Not For Sale from boot level Artists from Alternative Records / Highly Recommended / So Buy It !! While You Can!!


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